The Complete Album Collection (10CD) - Dolly Dots

De timing kon niet beter met de huidige Dolly Dots revival en concerten. Uiteraard waren er diverse verzamel cd's, maar nu zijn alle albums voor het eerst op cd verkrijgbaar met ook nog eens een heleboel bonus materiaal. Cd-Licious heeft er een geweldige box van gemaakt, chapeau en genieten maar van dat jeugd sentiment en die onweerstaanbare popsongs!

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CD-1 DOLLY DOTS - 1979
2.(You're My) Superstar
3.Don't Break My Heart
5.You're The Only One
6.Please Stay
7.(The Are) Rollerskating
9.You Don't Need Me
10.Danny Please
11.(Tell It All About) Boys
12.Bang Bang (B-side Radio)
13.You're The Only One (Album version Japan)
14.(Tell It All About) Boys (12" version France)
15.Jerry (12" version France)
1.Dream Machine
2.Sing A Song Of Love
3.If This Is Love
4.Who Is That Waiting At Your Door?
5.Let's Have A Party
6.Hela-Di-Ladi-Lo (If Ever Get To Trinidad)
7.He's On The Road Again
8.We Believe In Love
9.Hey Heartbreaker
11.My Boyfriend's Back
12.Sloop John B.
13.Dream Machine (single version)
Cd-3 P.S. WE LOVE YOU - 1981
2.Crazy Situation
3.Writer Please Write Me A Song
5.Leila (The Queen Of Sheba)
6.Keep On Doing It
9.So That's Why
10.Good Night Sleep Tight
11.Hey Boy
Bonus tracks:
12.P.S. (12" version Europe)
13.Writer Please Write Me A Song (b-side Leila The Queen of Sheba)
14.P.S. (single version USA)
15.Oh! Oui (French version Keep On Doing It)
16.Billy (French version of Willy)
17.P.S. (12" version USA)
Cd-4 TAKE SIX - 1982
1.Dance With Me
2.What Goes Up Must Go Down
4.All The Roses
5.Do You Wanna Wanna
6.Do Wah Diddy Diddy
7.Let's Try A Little Harder
8.I Want To Be With You
9.Take Each Other's Hand (w/ Peter van Asten)
10. S.T.O.P.
11.Ring Ring
Bonus tracks:
12.All The Roses (7" single version)
13.Do You Wanna Wanna (12" version)
14.Do Wah Diddy Diddy (12" version)
15. S.T.O.P. (12" version)
16.Ring Ring (12" version)
17.Hitkrant presenteert de Dolly Dots (promotional flexi-disc Hitkrant)
Cd-5 DISPLAY -1983
1.Don't Give Up
2.Bobby's Supermarket
3.She's A Liar
4.He's Sexy
6.Love Me Just A Little Bit More (Totally Hooked On You)
7.Keep On Running
8.Money Lover (Bite The Dust)
9.I Don't Wanna Loose You
10.Sick Of Your Games
Bonus tracks:
11.Don't Give Up (12" version)
12.She's A Liar (7" single version - special remix)
13.Money Lover (BiteThe Dust) 12"version
14.Don't Give Up (Ria solo version 'The Hits Album')
15.Love Me Just ALittel Bit More (Pop remix edit by 4 Two Sound Productions)
16.Dolly Dots Megamix (Mixed by Martin Boer & Dick Liefting)
17.Love Me Just A Little Bit More (Club mix edit by 4 Two Sound Production)
Cd-6 LIVE IN CARRÉ - 1984
1.Money Lover (live)
2.So That's Why (live)
3.Do You Wanna Wanna (live)
4.She's A Liar (live)
5.Sick Of Your Games (live)
6. P.S. (live)
7.Radio (live)
8.(Tell It All About) Boys (live)
9.Do Wah Diddy Diddy (live)
10.Take Each Others Hand (live)
11.Don't Give Up (live)
12.Love Me Just A Little Bit More (live)
Bonus track:
13.Hitmedley vol.1 (We believe in love-She's a liar-Love me just a little bit more-Leila the Queen of Sheba- Hela di ladi lo- S.T.O.P.- P.S.)
Cd-7 THIRST - 1984
1.Little Angel
3.Trick Of The Eye
4.Where We You (When I Needed You)
5.Nhema Musasa
6.Give A Girl A Break
7.Tell Me Why
8.Ragged Night
9.Milk & Pinacolada
Cd-8 ATTENTION - 1985
1.Only The Rain
3.All I Want
4.Dreaming Of You
5.Boys Town
6.The Eastern Way Out
8.City Nights
10.It's Up To You
Bonus track:
11.Unique (12" Ben Liebrand Remix)
Cd-9 DUTCH TREAT - 1986
1.Hearts Beat Thunder
2.Gonna Make It Easy
3.Make It Up To You
5.One In A Million
6.This Girl
7.Down For The Count
8.To Be Heard
9.World At War
10. L.A.
Bonus tracks:
11.What A Night
12.What A Night (12" remix Stock Aitken & Waterman)
13.What A Night (G-90's Mix by Sander Baas)
1.Do You Wanna Wanna (live)
2.Radio (live)
3.Only The Rain (live)
4. S.T.O.P. (live)
5.P.S. (featuring Brainpower) (live)
6.All I Want (live)
7.Do Wah Diddy Diddy (live)
8.This Girl (live)
9.Money Lover (Bite The Dust) (live)
10.Leila (The Queen Of Sheba) (live)
11.Hela-Di-Ladi-Lo (live)
12.She's A Liar (live)
13.Love Me Just A Little Bit More (live)
14. What A Night (live)
15.Don't Give Up (live)
Bonus track:
16.Jij Hoort Bij Mij (Sam's Lied)