8 Classic Albums - Dinah Washington

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Lover Come Back To Me (00:09:45)
Alone together (00:02:22)
Summertime (00:02:26)
Come Rain or Come Shine (00:02:21)
No More (00:03:16)
I've Got You Under My Skin (00:05:18)
There Is No Greater Love (00:02:17)
You go to my head (00:11:06)
I Get A Kick Out Of You (00:06:15)
Blue gardenia (00:05:17)
Easy Living (00:04:59)
You Don't Know What Love Is (00:04:00)
This Can't Be Love (00:06:50)
My old flame (00:03:05)
I could write a book (00:04:24)
Make the man love me (00:05:31)
Our love is here to stay (00:03:09)
Let me love you (00:02:11)
There'll be a jubilee (00:02:08)
My Ideal (00:02:22)
I've got a crush on you (00:03:06)
Let's do it (Let's fall in love) (00:02:37)
Nothing ever changes my love for you (00:02:36)
What'll I tell my heart (00:03:19)
On the sunny side of the street (00:02:29)
Say It Isn't So (00:02:43)
Sometimes I'm Happy (00:02:18)
If I Were A Bell (00:02:07)
They Didn't Believe Me (00:02:47)
You're crying (00:03:31)
Makin' whoopee (00:02:28)
Ev'ry time we say goodbye (00:02:29)
But not for me (00:02:26)
Caravan (00:02:39)
Perdido (00:03:25)
Never let me go (00:02:45)
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby? (00:02:58)
I'll close my eyes (00:03:59)
Somebody loves me (00:02:32)
I Remember You (00:02:46)
I Thought About You (00:02:33)
That's all there is to that (00:02:18)
I won't cry anymore (00:02:19)
I'm Thru With Love (00:02:28)
Cry me a river (00:02:27)
What A Difference A Day Makes (00:02:29)
Nothing in the world (00:03:17)
Manhattan (00:04:17)
Time After Time (00:02:28)
It's Magic (00:02:31)
A Sunday Kind Of Love (00:02:30)
There goes my heart (00:03:30)
Call me (00:02:37)
Baby (You've Got What It Takes) (00:02:45)
Love walked in (00:02:09)
Not walked in (00:02:22)
A rockin' good way (to mess around and fall in love) (00:02:27)
Someone to believe in (00:02:37)
This I promise you (00:02:36)
I do (00:02:22)
Because of everything (00:02:28)
Again (00:03:23)
I believe (00:03:21)
Crazy Love (00:03:33)
Fool that I am (00:02:35)
I Concentrate On You (00:02:41)
Lord, you made us human (00:03:40)
The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On) (00:02:54)
Forgotten (00:02:16)
Good Morning Heartache (00:02:50)
While we're young (00:02:25)
Daybreak (00:02:32)
I've got it bad and that ain't good (00:03:27)
Show me the way (00:02:37)
Misery (00:02:33)
September in the rain (00:02:09)
Without a song (00:03:04)
This heart of mine (00:02:25)
As long as I'm in your arms (00:01:58)
With A Song In My Heart (00:03:51)
Softly (00:02:31)
I can't believe that you're in love with me (00:02:47)
I was telling him about you (00:02:25)
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (00:03:13)
I'll never kiss you goodbye (00:02:30)
I'll come back for more (00:02:28)
Tell love hello (00:02:44)